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Caught in Contemplation

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I'm a graduate student who loves life, dancing and travel.

Someday I am going to see the world. I want to see sights, take pictures, and understand life as much as possible. I am a scientist by nature, which means I'm always asking questions and trying to understand the world in which I live. I try to learn something new every day. I'm passionate about what I do because I believe that passion is what makes something worth doing. I'm fiercely loyal, open and honest. I think integrity is the second most important quality a person can have, after love. I believe in God. Chocolate is the best food ever.

I want to be a Renaissance Woman when I grow up. That, of course, assumes that I ever really do that. I hope never to grow up so much that I forget how to have a youthful sense of curiosity, wonder, imagination and playfulness.
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