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Oh how I hate Organic Chemistry

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Feb. 21st, 2002 | 05:52 pm
mood: stressedstressed
music: MANHATTAN TRANSFER - Choo choo ch'boogie

After ... way too many hours of study since last night, and two and a half hours of class today, I am finally starting to emerge from the murk and orgo is starting to make some sense. Not much sense, but that glimmer of sense that gives me hope and tells me that if I keep studying than by 1 pm tomorrow, I will understand things at least well enough to earn a passable grade on my exam.

Or well, hope springs eternal.

No, really. I'm starting to get the reactions and some of the mechanisms... it would just be easier if there weren't so very very many to learn.

Plan for study:
Read chapter 15 in the textbook.
Go over notes on mechanisms for chapter 15 and take notes on notes.
Stress out about chapter 21. Eat dinner and decide that I must face the chapter sometime.
Read chapter 21.
Go through notes on chapter 21 and note reactions and mechanisms.


Get up and go over notes on reactions and mechanisms once more.


Be satisfied with the notion that after tomorrow, there are only two more orgo exams and then we will be done with chemisty. DONE. (except for reviewing for the MCATs, but that's manageable. And not until next year).

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