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Tonight's amusement

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Jan. 18th, 2002 | 05:29 am
mood: sillysilly

In a conversation about Lord of the Rings and relative reading rates...

Me: you're still planning to beat me or you don't think I'll finish tomorrow? ;-P
Friend: both, haha
Friend: nah, dont rush through it, enjoy it
Me: I will, but I'm still gonna beat you
Friend: ok
Me: really?
Friend: whatever happens happens... you should know by now, according to the way of middle-earth, fate seems to be already decided
Me: lol
Me: yes, I suppose so.
Me: though there are some things about my "fate" that I wish I could change.
Friend: hush now, no one knows of their fate or should ever think of changing it, such foolish and wasteful usage of the mind
Friend: hahaha
Me: welll... grrr! *sticks her tongue out at you*
Friend: as gandalf the once-grey and now white couldve said
Me: hehe
Me: that sounds about like him
Me: it's not anything major that I'd cange about my fate anyway...
Me: just give myself a little more courage in a couple areas.
Friend: thats understandable, a lot of us would feel the same way
Friend: as do i
Me: oh really? how so?
Friend: trust me, at times when confidence becomes of main importance, that of my own fails to perform
Me: like what? or do you not wish to share?
Friend: in general, moments scattered haphazardly here, there, and beyond
Me: you know, you would make a very good wizard... you speak quite cryptically. :-P
Friend: im talking too much like them now, aye
Me: hehe
Me: it could me worse... you could be talking like Gollum... my precious, my precious...
Me: :-P
Friend: i know, you got me started on that gandalf thing and i went on from there
Me: I got you started?!
Me: I most certainly did not!
Me: I just said that there are a few things about my fate that I would like to change... or my apparent fate, at least.
Friend: aye nice lizzie you be. please do not harm humble [friend], be kind. [Friend] will not speak of it no more
Me: I'm glad I don't have a roommate right now... that just made me laugh really hard
Friend: hahaha
Me: no, really... I started giggling at my computer.
Me: furtnately, there are no witnesses, save you. :-P
Friend: i swear my witness to secrecy. (bowing very low)

* * * * * * *

It amused me very much. Happy times.

Today's other happiness: My shoes came! From London! I have pretty dance shoes now to wear for the MAC next week! And time to practice in them and get used to them!


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