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Simple pleasures

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Jan. 15th, 2002 | 11:54 pm
mood: happyhappy
music: ella fitzgerald - the lady is a tramp

Ah many little happinesses today.

1) Spoke with Gusta and am returning to the lab tomorrow.
2) Danced.
3) Saw J. (And got a big hug besides! hehe!)
4) Danced.
5) Got thank you cards from my cousins.
6) Danced.

Anybody notice a pattern here?

So there was a dance practice tonight and I, having nothing better to do, went... and it turned out to be me and a few senior team members, which was cool because it meant I got a lot of technique lessons. Mostly in International Rumba and Cha Cha, but also a little for American. American is for some reason much harder for me than international. And apparently I'm supposed to let my hips go even more than I was doing today... I kept trying to protest that they don't move anymore, but c'est la guerre.

I also learned that I do this weird thing with my ankle in cha cha that I'm not supposed to do. I know why I started doing it... when I started doing cha cha, my hips wanted to go the wrong way. So to make them move the right way I had to do a weird push with my ankle. Now when I take it out, my hips still, happily, move the right way, since it's become part of muscle memory.

I am such a dance geek. I would probably stay and learn technique and practice it for as long as anyone would stay to teach me. But I guess that's the biggest thing I've gained from all of my ballet training -- the only way to be able to do things that are tricky and so on is to have a solid technical foundation.

Okay. Off to read Lord of the Rings now. A highly addicting book, I tell you. Highly addicting.

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