Liz (stellae) wrote,

and we all grew up together

It's funny how you find yourself in a community and then you fall out of that community only to find yourself thrown right back in amongst it again.

The online journalling community is like that for me. Once upon a time (somewhere around 5 or 6 years ago, I guess) there was a big group of us -- we were all 13, 14 and 15 and we had pastel colored pages where we wrote about our lives and we thought we were deep. We alternately praised and envied each other and vied for the highest number of "hits."

We had cliques like Maidens of the Heart and we wanted to change the world and we all whined about the boys who liked us or didn't like us and discussed our first kisses and dates to dances and classes and teachers and so on. We got our driver's licenses together and celebrated as each one of us passed her test.

And now, we're going to college and getting serious about boys or getting jaded, one of the two -- falling in love or deciding it doesn't exist. We stress about midterms and finals, and we have livejournals and pages on diaryland, instead of impeccably maintained pages where we changed the layouts as often as we changed our socks.

But it's the same people, the same voices reaching out into the expanse of the Internet and connecting with each other, and we are somehow, a community and a group of friends in a sense of knowing pasts and sharing experiences and words of support in the moments that we can.

And we've all grown up together.
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