Liz (stellae) wrote,

The long overdue entry ending the hiatus

So. This is it. No more lethargy and slug-like behavior. Or at least not in my journal. In my real life, I have 3 more days before I head back to New York and plunge into my fanatic life. And surprisingly, I feel ready for it.

First semester finished reasonably well, with a GPA of 3.644 for the semester. I want to improve this semester, though we shall see what happens. I expect of myself to maintain my standing.

So the past two weeks have been remarkably uneventful. I went to northern minnesota and went skiing for a few days, which was wonderful. I hadn't been in at least 3 years and it was refreshing to know that I could still do it just as I had in the past. Also, I saw Harry Potter which was terribly cute and Lord of the Rings twice -- once with my mother, and once with my whole family. It is an incredible movie and now has me plowing through the books. Well, plowing at a rather slow pace, but that is entirely beside the point.

I have seen grandmother and cousins and aunts and uncles -- nearly all of my relations on my mother's side except three who live in maryland and are thus prohibitively far away. But I shall see them eventually, I am sure, and I saw them at the beginning of the summer which was fine.

I sound very short in this entry and I suppose it is because there is much that I want to say, but I'm not really in a reflective writing mood at the moment, and I feel inclined to cover much ground in as few sentences as possible, allowing myself the room to elaborate later if need be. (Which may, in fact, happen as skiing is wonderful to write about and I've many things I want to say at some point, just not now).

Other major event: my car. I went to have the oil changed and the other fluids checked as my "service engine soon" light was flickering on and off, and it turned out that I pretty much had sludge for radiator fluid. So sludgy was my radiator, in fact, that I believe they flushed around 24 or 25 quarts of new fluid through it to clean the system, when the normal flush would be about 7 quarts.

The car is noticeably happier.

I must add, also, that it disturbs me that my father thought it was "running fine." It's a wonder that his cars last as long as they do since my car was clearly not running fine as he said -- running fine does not induce the idiot light to flicker on. Although, according to him, the idiot lights are lights that go on at a specific mileage that is determined by the conspirators of the car companies and servicemen indicating one needing unnecessary and expensive services. "They [the mechanics] can turn those off," he said, in reference to my idiot light.

I don't even know where to start with the number of falsehoods in that sentence.

In any event, I am terribly homesick for New York and glad to be going back on Thursday. It has been good to get away and to sort of reset myself, but I am ready for my normal life once again.
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