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Everybody's Going Home

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Dec. 19th, 2001 | 11:37 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: Andrew Lloyd Webber - Half a moment

It feels like everyone I know finished their finals today and is breathing a sigh of relief while I, instead, am cleaning my room, going through papers I should have gone through months ago, and trying to convince myself to study for just one more exam. I know this is not true, of course, as there are many people who I know who are in Chemistry and Organic Chemistry and who still have finals on Friday Morning, but this is still not appealing.

48 hours from now, I will be home and this semester will be over. I cannot wait.

The roommate is moving out tomorrow -- we went to see By Jeeves on Broadway which was terribly cute, as sort of a last night here thing. The show was wonderful and terribly cute, and Martin Jarvis couldn't have been a better Jeeves. And yes, I've seen it before and yes I loved it before, and I loved it just as much today. Because 2.5 hours smiling during finals is just plain a good thing.

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