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Tomorrow I will be productive

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Dec. 16th, 2001 | 01:43 am
mood: stressedstressed
music: Linda Eder - Big Time

I meant to be far more productive today than I have actually ended up being. I will, through determination, fight my way through another chapter of Psych, but seeing as it is already 1:30, I will not be going through Organic Chemistry as I had planned.

Tomorrow, however, I will:
-- get up early and go to religion.
-- read chapters 13 and 16 in my psych textbook.
-- do my laundry
-- do the practice exam for my lab final on Monday.
-- read chapter 12 in Organic Chemistry.
-- make reaction cards?

Plenty to do. A good 8 hours at least.

Couldn't I please just go to sleep and wake up in 2002 when all of this is over?

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