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It takes 30 days to make a habit

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Dec. 3rd, 2001 | 12:51 am
mood: stressedstressed
music: Annie Lennox- Walking on Broken Glass

And so far, I don't believe that I have gone 30 consecutive days updating this livejournal. I suppose that doesn't matter so much except for the fact that my readers, should I have any left, are not witnessing the events of my life in real time anymore -- events are recorded only afterwards and often with an interval in which reflection has been allowed to take place.

In other words, my journal entries are tainted by thought.

Funny I should use the word "tainted" as if it is a bad thing, since theoretically, journals can be used to serve any of a variety of purposes, which include catharsis and reflection and processing. Reflection being more of a general meditative state provoked by an event or a thought and processing being reflection upon a specific event or series of events.

Time passes too quickly. Classes are finished in a week and a half. Finals being in two weeks. I have 5 of them -- one on every day except Thursday of Finals Week, and on that Thursday, I have to give a talk. I have impeccable timing, really I do. But then it is back to Minnesota where I will be free to crash and crashing is in fact badly needed. I am frustrated and suffering burnout and am simply at the point of forcing myself through the next few weeks.

This year, I truly understand why many colleges give their students a month off between semesters. It is necessary, I think, to recover from the sleep lost over finals and things.

Journalling has become a very disjointed process for me, and I shall have to push myself to write more often in order to remedy that disjointedness. But at present, I have biology homework waiting for me.

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