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Home again.

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Nov. 26th, 2001 | 04:38 pm

I am writing from a school computer lab. Parnanoia abounds. Trying to kill 20 minutes until my scholars meeting that I don't really want to go to because well, it just isn't that interesting. I did at least finish writing my paper topic proposal, which was relatively painless.

Molec and Cell bio is annoying me. I would be doing very wel in the class if it weren't for the bloody recitation exams. I know the answers to the questions but somehow can't seem to provide the details that they who grade are looking for. Which is tremendously annoying. Not to mention that the exams are written in such a way as to give on approximately 2 hours of work to do in a 45 minute period.

Also. I am annoyed about the math question. Because frankly, I knew the answer, but my math was a bit off and my units not right so I don't have a way to ask for partial credit because it's not quite organized enough. 15 points down the drain. And I knew how to do the problem -- I just made some little mistakes here and there and that is tremendously irritating.

Ah, well. My grade in the class is a B, which is respectable, and I still have the final, worth 35% which, if I do well on (which is easily possible since the material is frankly NOT THAT HARD), will be able to pull my grade up to a B+ at least, and possibly/hopefully an A-. An A- would make me happier as I want my GPA to go up to a full 3.7 as opposed to hanging about at its current 3.68.

But then I should remember that I have research experience which is valuable and which will look very good on my transcript.

I worry too much.

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