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A most lovely evening.

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Nov. 17th, 2001 | 03:42 am
mood: ecstaticecstatic

Top Hat and Tails was tonight. It almost didn't happen, but very very very fortunately, it did. And it was wonderful and something I really needed after all of the stress I've been under for the past couple weeks with Molec/Cell and Orgo. Ah, the life of a pre-med. Blech. (not. Originally I typed a different phonetic sound but it came out spelling bleach, and bleach was most certainly not the word I intended to use).

But, the competion went on as scheduled. And it was lovely. Gerald greeted me with a kiss on the hand, and things only got better. He and I had a wonderful time competing the salsa, swing and tango that comprised the beginner competition... and we won first place!!!! I nearly fell over when they announced it. And felt bad for Gerald who was off seeing Harry Potter (note typo: Harry Pottery) and missed his moment of glory. Oh well. He'll hear about it (and get his medal) in club tomorrow. From me. :-D

And then the fluke of the evening. The last competition was a Jack and Jill Swing competition. Which basically meant that followers lined up and leaders lined up and we were randomly paired off with people we may or may not have danced with before. Then you dance and they eliminate people until there are 3 finalists (or in our case, there were 4 because the judges couldn't quite decide). I was one of them, amazingly, the only newcomer in the finals. And my assigned partner and I won 3rd place. So I think that made me the only newcomer to go home with two medals!

Winning of course, isn't the important part of all of this... I went for the dancing and to see the amazing performances and all the rest. And the performances were amazing and dancing is just wonderful for endorphins and just the general happy energy feeling I get afterward. But I have to admit that the winning part did certainly feel good. :-)

And the orgo exam earlier was far less painful than I had anticipated, which was good.

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