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Online into offline

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Nov. 16th, 2001 | 02:31 am

It's funny. I was once a part of the "teen domain scene" which basically meant I had a well-designed website that was fully of angsty teenage poetry that for some reason I thought was actually good at the time.

And maybe it was.

But it's weird then, when you move someplace and find out that people knew you then and know you now -- they of course knew your pseudonym at the time and know your real name now, and seldom are the two put together. It's just those times that they are and it hits you that this person has lived through the period of your life when you were depressed and wrote angsty things and such with you and that thought is suddenly just a teensy bit scary.

And yes, it's happened twice at college that I've met people who have turned up in my classes who know me in some capacity online first.

The Internet is a very unusual thing, I think.

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