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Nov. 11th, 2001 | 11:46 pm

I met new people today. And they took me to a lovely busy French restaurant that would have felt much more french if it hadn't had blatantly American music that belonged to no particular genre playing in the background.

But it was noisy and lovely and the food was delicious. I had a salad with creamy viniagrette and leg of lamb with potatoes and crepe suzette for dessert. And the crepe suzette was, by the way, wonderful.

And Katie has nice parents. Her mom and I spent a lot of time talking about our relative histories with respect to the JWs and other things and it was just a good time.

Ballroom last night was beautiful. Semi-formal, I found out, means many different things to many different people. I was more dressy than some and less dressy than others, so ultimately, I fit in perfectly, neither feeling severely underdressed nor even a tad overdressed. It's a nice feeling to have. Plus there was dancing, and any time that there is dancing, life is good and I am a happy person. So I was in a lovely mood when I came home last night and that lovely mood carried over until today. I am writing in a lot of fragments today, and I really don't care because I'm feeling very fragmented.

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from: vanillahyacinth
date: Nov. 11th, 2001 09:38 pm (UTC)

Yay, happyliz is a great thing! And thank you soooo much for your really long, thoughtful, and loving comment on my last livejournal entry, sweetie! *hugs back* Love you!

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