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I like Smarties.

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Oct. 31st, 2001 | 02:51 am
mood: tiredtired
music: Dance with Me Movie Soundtrack - Jazz Machine (Balck Machine)

I really should stop eating smarties. The amount of sugar I have consumed lately cannot be good for my health.

I should also sleep, since the amount that I have not slept lately is probably also not good for my health.

And this failure to breathe properly thing? I think I'm starting to get used to it. After being stuffy for the last month or so, I guess my body is resetting itself to believe that stuffy is normal. Though perhaps it is just the buildup of toxins and if I eat healthfully and drink copious amounts of water for a few days I will then feel better. I suppose it's worth a try.

Tomorrow I see my father. And it is the last day of October. Which I am glad about because October has not, all in all, been a very good month for me. The whole thing with Chris appears to have settled itself out and we rarely talk because we are both insanely busy, but we are friends and somehow, I am over him. But the earlier weeks of this month in which things were settling out were not pleasant times. Neither was humiliating myself before this certain boy by trying to ask him out, more as a rebound than anything else. I think now that it is fortunate that he said no because I think I would have lasted an entire three weeks dating him had I actually done so.

But, I will see him tomorrow, and he sounded on his phone tonight worse than I sound. I imagine him and see him huge and overweight and unsmiling. As if everything is to him an obligation. So I hope to take him to 42nd Street because it is a wonderful production and he likes the show, and failing that, we will see By Jeeves or Mamma Mia! both of which are meant to be light cute musical comedies. And we have a good shot at tickets for one of the three since Broadway is oddly not a popular place on Halloween.

Three weeks from today my mommy will be in New York. She is coming to visit for Thanksgiving and we are being pretentious and staying at the Algonquin and we will go see shows and wander around the city and have a wonderful wonderful time. Because we always do. We are like best friends and sisters, my mother and I, and I think that is wonderful.

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