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You know you're stressed out when...

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Oct. 10th, 2001 | 10:55 pm
mood: stressedstressed
music: Christina Aguilera - (dbg) - Climb Every Mountain

I want this week to be over. I want Chris to come visit. I want to KNOW if he's GOING to come visit. I want an A on my Bio exam.

I have studied too much. My bio textbook has been the most significant entity in my life lately.

And I'm beginning to think that he's not coming because if he were, he would have let me know about the details of his arrangements by now. Although that is not necessarily the case (I think I told my friend the day before I left when exactly I would be going when I visited her last year. Though she did know ahead of time the exact dates at least).

Ah well. Bio calls. It beckons. "I'm lonely! Come read me! Come study me!" calls my illustrious molecular cell biology textbook.

I feel bad for telling people that I will be antisocial for a while, but it is true nonetheless. I have priorities and school is right now one of them.

I know it will never happen, but I can't pretend anymore that I don't want to be with him. Oh the heartache. The drama. *tragic pose*

At least I'm not freaking out as I was yesterday.

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(no subject)

from: vanillahyacinth
date: Oct. 10th, 2001 10:35 pm (UTC)

You sound like you're studying really hard, Liz, so I'm sure you'll do well on your bio exam! I wish you God's blessing on the test and in life!

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