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the reasons that New York is an incredibly fantastic place to live

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Aug. 31st, 2001 | 04:08 am

1) You can walk around at any time of night and find places open and things to do.

I left with friends at 9:30 tonight (well... I meet them at 9:40, technically -- trains are not always the most on-time things in the world) and we went to the village to find things and wander around and such. And we tried to see American Pie 2 but failed so instead we just went to Virgin and bought CDs and then went uptown to Times Square... where my friend bought me a rose (which, though I know it was completely platonic, I happen to think is just adorable!) and then we found this lovely Jazz/Swing club bar thing that was very nice.

Plus, I had fun randomly talking in different accents and singing and just generally being my loud silly self. Which I feel really comfortable doing around Seton (one of my friends whom I went out with tonight) because he is inevitably louder and sillier.

'Twas simply grand, really.

And I am really going to regret that I am still up at 4 am when I have to get up early tomorrow. But such is life.

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