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and now, I have a cold

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Aug. 26th, 2001 | 11:31 pm

Oh joy of joys -- my nose has been running all day and it's very annoying. I've been drinking a lot of fluids, though, which will hopefully help get this crud out of my system.

I'm really hoping that it's not that awful viral pneumonia that's been going around.

I saw Amadeus at the Guthrie tonight -- it was brilliant. The only thing (well, two actually) that marred the performance at all was the fact that at one point Mozart had a rather modern crew cut which was quite distracting, and the fact that on her first cue, the actress playing Katarina was obviously lip synching to a tape. Not that I mind that -- it only bothers me when it's obvious.

But. The play was incredible... Salieri was brilliant (as he should be, having been trained at Juilliard) and he and Mozart were excellent foils to each other and the direction of it really highlighted the wonderful wit in the story without making it a comedy (since the story is certainly far from comedic). Plus, there were many things that I got out of this production that I hadn't noticed in past productions, or in the film. For instance the idea that Salieri's conflict is with God more than with Mozart -- he is not just a jealous conniver, he is a tool of the Devil working against a tool of God, (though he himself thinks he is trying to serve God) -- was new to me. Also the subplot of Mozart's issues with his father and how it was resolved was highlighted differently. And the degree to which Salieri orchestrated so many parts of Mozart's early death (or at least, things he did according to the story of the play). There was a fascinating ambiguity about the figure in grey that haunts Mozart's dreams as well, which was really, in my opinion, a wonderful touch.

I miss Chris.

And I really wish this stupid cold would just take a hike.

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