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I'm not a little four-year-old

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Aug. 25th, 2001 | 11:11 pm

I wanted to yell at my father today. I wanted to shout at him that he had ruined my day and that it bothered me immensely that he had no respect for my time or for the fact that I might have friends that I might want to see or any such thing.

He had committed me, at some point, to go to some member-member tournament/barbeque thing at Mendakota, the country club of which my father is a member and which I find utterly useless. I have never in my life, as far as I recall, wanted to attend any sort of function there -- I don't even like EATING there since their food is terrible. But, I had been committed to going so, I guess that's life. I did press my dad for a time of day when we would leave for it, so that I could make other plans, but he never gave me this time of day, sadly, and then it turned out that the tournament was cancelled since not enough people signed up anyway. Lovely.

It would have been better to find this out sometime BEFORE 11 pm last night because the problem, of course, with finding things out at 11 pm is that it is then too late to make plans with people for the next day. So I was left with a day on my hands with nothing to do, and no apology from my father even for his complete lack of respect of my time.

I would like to remind him that I'm not a four-year-old. He can't just dress me up and strap me into my little car seat and take me wherever he pleases whenever he pleases. I am 19 years old. I am a person with a life and with friends and with people that I want to see and I feel like I deserve to be respected as a person, and that people, including my father (though there are days in which I doubt that he IS a person), have respect for my time.

It's funny, but an apology from my dad would actually make me feel a lot better, though I know he'd never apologize for it since he doesn't believe anything is his fault.

In any case, my family went to see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back which was so bad it was good. I know that doesn't make much sense, but it truly is one of those movies which I could have a perfectly happy existance without ever seeing it, but one that will become so quoted that it is probably useful to have seen it. Plus, aside from the language, I did rather enjoy it -- it had some great moments.

I am full of negative energy right now and I think that it is not good for me. So I should go and read a book or something to make myself be more positive, I guess.

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