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hello can you hear me?

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Nov. 22nd, 2000 | 12:02 pm
mood: blahblah

I have a sudden urge to download music. I haven't even so much as felt like doing that since... well, practically since I moved in to this environment. It's funny. I'm getting used to college and getting away from my internet ... need or whatever you'd call it. Or maybe I'm just bored with things. But it's like, I rarely surf anymore, I rarely do anything online except talk to people on AIM and write here and write in my scribble... and I have decided by the way that I am changing usernames once I get to 150 entries. Because 150 entries is enough.

I am going home tomorrow. I am making sure to bring back my webcaom, which I will situatate on one of my shelves or something... wherever it will fit, and still connect to my computer (this is always something to consider in dorm living).

Things to do today:
convert files in PSP and burn them onto a CD
clean my dorm room
read Gulliver's Travels
work on Writing Workshop essays
transfer files of papers to work on while at home this weekend to diskette
find something to do to amuse myself this evening

I think that's everything.
I feel very blah right now. I use the word 'blah' too much. Oh, well.

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