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these are the days when you just start to feel grown up

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Aug. 13th, 2001 | 05:39 pm

So I moved. I started early -- around 10 am. (and yes, I know that 10 am is not early, but for me to be awake and with a functioning brain and actually attempting to accomplish something, it is very early. Especially on a Saturday. But anyway). 12 hours, 4 taxi rides, 1 subway ride, and too many walking trips accross Manhattan later, all of my stuff had travelled from a residence on Third Avenue to one deep in the West Village (so deep in the West Village, actually, that another four blocks west or so and the building would be sitting in the Hudson river).

This is not to say that I was even remotely settled in. In fact, complete settling in did not finish until this morning, when I got my $14 bookshelf from KMart (a lovely stack of black yaffa blocks that is 4 feet high and has 4 shelves for books and a top shelf that serves as my nightstand) and was finally able to unpack my last box.

At first, I was concerened about the lack of storage space... and the lack of long-hanging space in my new apartment still annoys me a bit, but all in all, the apartment is better than where I have been living this summer and the past year.

We have, for instance, a full size refrigerator and a stove with four burners. And my microwave fits nicely on the kitchen counter and still leaves counter space. This is a remarkably wonderful thing. The bathroom is beautiful -- I'm still amazed by the fact that the tile is not disgusting and mildew covered, and that the drain in the bathtub actually works.

Plus, the housing people in this building are happy to fix problems in your apartment. It did not take me weeks to get a running toilet fixed -- I mentioned it to someone who came in to make sure the bathroom had been cleaned (yes, this dorm even has housekeeping!) and she had it fixed within the next hour or so. This is a complaint I would not even have bothered taking the time to make in my previous dorm (since probably the people reading it would have just laughed their little heads off and thrown it away anyway).

I have become very weird lately. I am enjoying the idea of shopping for things like dishracks and cooking utensils and storage bins and throw rugs. It's funny -- I remember being little (like 11 or 12 or so) and thinking that these were among the most boring things one could possibly shop for and now I like spending time in stores where that is all they sell. And. I want to learn to cook and to cook nice meals and have people over for dinner and things and I have no idea why because cooking was never something I enjoyed doing before.

Some days, I really don't recognize myself.

Also, it should be noted that all I have done today was run errands and somehow, running errands has been remarkably fulfilling.

Oh. Despite the smallness of my new bedroom in my new dorm, I have made my part of it look quite nice, I think, and made the most of my large amount of under-bed storage (the best thing to do when one's bed is three and a half feet off the ground. It feels like a long way down in the mornings, but I rather like it). And I moved all by myself, which makes me feel quite capable and self-sufficient.

All in all, things are good.

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Comments {3}


The utter joy that is cooking utensils!

from: discountsatori
date: Aug. 13th, 2001 06:33 pm (UTC)

Getting your own kitchen changes everything, doesn't it? I used to HATE going grocery shopping, but now I just love it. And I love kitchen stores, too. I was drooling over ten-dollar pizza cutters at Linens N' Things last week. It sounds like your place rocks. Have fun with the shopping and decorating. :)

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(no subject)

from: ex_malkmus251
date: Aug. 14th, 2001 06:16 am (UTC)

man, that's rough, moving without a car! you are tough =) i know i wouldn't be able to do it!!!

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(no subject)

from: hockeyophile
date: Aug. 20th, 2001 08:29 am (UTC)

Ohhh, you're living in the same dorm this year as my best friend (well, I'm pretty sure I know what dorm your talking about). She already hates it because there's nothing around except abandoned buildings. I didn't believe her until I decided to go visit her dorm with her a couple of months ago. She was right. Her previous dorm (on Third Avenue as well) was far better. She actually considered commuting from home this year because she thinks this dorm is awful, but I knew that if she did that, she'd suffer in the housing lottery for next year. Well, her parents don't want her to commute from home anyway, so she's basically stuck there. I told her I would come visit her often, but she refuses to have me over because she doesn't want me to suffer by spending any time in that "shithole" (her words). Oh well, she might end up liking it. It sounds like you do, at least. :)

How did you get to move in so soon? My best friend is living on the 5th Floor, so if you're on that floor, maybe I'll see ya around (if my friend will allow me to come visit her, hehe). :)

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