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Blasted Stupid NYU Internet Crap

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Aug. 5th, 2001 | 12:45 am

I should get a dialup service or something. The NYU servers are not working now for "standard maintainance" or some similar crap, and my dorm internet access will be taken away from me for over a week on Monday night when the whole blasted system goes down so that they can update database files and other such crap that is apparently necessary to the system's (mal)functioning during the school year.

Grrr. Just grrrr.

I saw Planet of the Apes the other night with Chris. Good movie, all in all, though the dialogue was a bit lacking (well, okay, almost completely lacking... but that's okay). The technical aspects of it, though, were spectacular. And the ending was just... twisted and pretty unsatisfying. But, it was still worth the ticket price and I'm quite glad I saw it in the theater.

Plus, I was it was a good movie to pull me out of being upset (well, violently angry is more accurate) with the pointy headed idiots who head the NYU Scholars program. Apparently they think that all of us who are scholars have time to go and study abroad for a semester our junior or senior year. Now me, I can't. I am a pre-med Neural Science major, and not one of the courses I need for that is offered, even at London the "Pre-med" site. So perhaps I will go someplace next summer and petition for that to count for my requirement, since yes, study abroad is certainly a good experience and will probably be valuable and enrich my life.

And. I might go and fall in love with London and fall in love with the place and decide that I am destined to go to graduate school there, so we shall see.

But it is very expensive to do, this is.

I am going to McDonald's now. Goodnight.

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too fast to live, too young to die

(no subject)

from: graci
date: Aug. 4th, 2001 11:53 pm (UTC)

Oh no, the dialup thingy will kill me just like chronic constipation.

Too slow. :-p

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