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Someday, they will tell a story

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Aug. 4th, 2001 | 10:15 pm
mood: annoyedannoyed
music: Manhattan Transfer - Birdland

The Internet in my dorm has been weird all day. I miss AIM!!!! (Mostly because of certain people on it that I want to talk to... and when I can't sign on, I can't really talk to these people and that is very sad).

I spend too much time online.

I have suddenly had a great wish to be domestic today. I wanted to make brownies and muffins and cupcakes (finally ended up deciding to make brownies)... and while I was grocery shopping, I was looking at pastas and things and suddenly wanted to make elaborate salads with couscous and cherry tomatoes and olive oil. It's a very new thing for me, this having a desire to cook something without making it in the microwave.

I guess the idea is that I don't like to take the time to make elaborate meals for myself, but I enjoy cooking itself... but it takes time and energy and for some reason I feel like that time and that energy is wasted when spent only on myself. Or that I am not worth the energy I would spend cooking real food or something.

(Or else it's just because I dislike doing dishes... though that has not been so true today).

NYU's Internet is screwed up and it will go away completely on Wednesday *sob* For a whole 10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Internet cafe's may claim too much of my money those few days. But then, perhaps I will survive and even thrive since I will not have AIM to be the distraction that it is. Plus I do have packing and moving to worry about.

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