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And a Happy Lizard am I

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Jul. 26th, 2001 | 11:26 pm
mood: artisticartistic
music: Eiffel 65 - Blue (da ba dee)

tick tick ... BOOM! was great. It had some hillarious lyrics, great inter-relationships between characters and some really beautiful songs. I also liked that it had the rock parts of RENT but without the screaming that I dislike about RENT... plus it wasn't so overhyped.

It was small and real and had a lot of heart, and I liked that. And it brought me into my artsy self and my artsy self is a very happy person. The self that choreographs dances and the self that draws and paints pictures... she is peaceful and content to be alone.

Things with Chris are better now.

I've realized in my choreography attempts lately that I've found yet another dichotomy of my existance. Control. Lyrical dance sort of embodies the dichotomy -- it requires more control over one's musculature than probably any other kind of dance since it features turns and extensions and leaps and all of that, and yet, the best lyrical, while perfectly in control, has a feeling of being out of control, a feeling that you let go of yourself and your center and throw yourself into the dance, knowing that technique will be there to support you. It is, I think, what makes lyrical so beautiful and powerful. The fact that you can get outside of the straight little boxes that you so often have to try and fit yourself into and just let go of everything... and at the same time maintain a great deal of control.

I think I have a high control need.

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from: urbanbohemia
date: Jul. 26th, 2001 08:29 pm (UTC)

i dance lyrical. oh yes. & you're exactly right with you say about it.

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