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One HOT day!

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Jul. 25th, 2001 | 04:32 pm

I think that today is warmer than it's been most of the summer. Or perhaps it's the humidity that's really bothering me. Then again, there is also the possibility that I am overheated because I am wearing jeans, but I don't care to think about that one since it would suggest that I go back to my dorm and change clothes in a hurry.

I got out of the lab early today and used my free time to just wander around the West Village. My meanderings were mostly aimless, though at first my purpose was to find the Jane Street Theater so that I know where it is in order to see ... tick, tick... BOOM! this evening. But once I found that, I was left to just wander around and get a feel for where I will be living soon.

I like the West Village. I like the East Village too, but the West Village has something about it that's a bit more classy and laid back than where I currently live. Although this dorm where I will be living does have the disadvantage of not having 3 movie theatres within a 5 block radius of it (the plus of my current dorm). But. I have discovered today many interesting little shops, including one which makes thoroughly wonderful chocolate, and this has put me in a good mood.

I am looking forward to moving now -- getting used to a new part of town.

And I am a happy little Lizard right now because my gels came out very nicely, as did the protein I was looking for (despite some mistakes made along the way). So life is good. Good friends, good work, good life.

And off I go to brave the heat once again -- lab computers can be truly evil sometimes.

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