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Moulin Rouge

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Jul. 21st, 2001 | 10:42 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: Christina Aguilara, Pink, Mya, - Lady Marmalade (Moulin Rouge R

Moulin Rouge was a very lovely film. And I cracked up when they stole the waiter dance from Hello, Dolly! and did it to "Like a Virgin." This elicited funny looks from the rest of the people in the theatre who apparently do not love old musicals as much as I do.

But it was a lovely film. Visually spectacular. Spec-tac-u-lar. And I enjoyed it very much. I also see why it is that musicals are not made so much anymore. When one goes to the movies these days, one expects movies to be done a certain way, to have a specific type of intensity that musicals, in the beautiful old style of MGM's Musical Heyday, do not have.

And yet the stage musical remains so successful. Go figure.

I was also told that I am not allowed to go to the theatre alone by the guy who took my ticket.

Writing and I are not getting along well at present. So I will read some more and see if I find myself inspired. I think it is about time to start building a collection of writing prompts.

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