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ah, sweet bureaucracy

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Jul. 18th, 2001 | 11:27 pm
mood: indifferentindifferent
music: Blessid Union of Souls - Light in Your Eyes

I don't think I spelled bureaucracy correctly... it's such an odd word. It fits, though. Annoying word, annoying ... institution, shall we say?

I am now an official volunteer with an official volunteer ID at the lab where I work. And it only took two months of paperwork (nearly) and an hour and a half of my running around today. I went to one office and that office sent me to another office since I needed a specific piece of paper that I didn't have. So then the second office (the volunteer office) sent me back to the nurse (the first office) so that she could sign my paper saying that I am medically okay to volunteer which they could have read and signed and all a month ago -- the paperwork having been there at least that long. Then I had to go back to the volunteer office where I had to fill out another piece of paper and read a manual and sign another thing before they would give me the slip of paper to actually GET the ID. And in order to do that, I had to go to the Security Office and fill out yet another piece of paper, after which I FINALLY got my ID.

At least it is good until January 2002.

Chris is starting to get on my nerves now. I am relatively convinced that he is avoiding me and it annoys me. I do not like being avoided, or feeling avoided and being so terribly powerless about doing something about it.

I keep asking myself "Why?" Out of all the people in the world, why does it bother me so much that this particular one, who I realistically will probably not see for a very long time, if ever, is avoiding me? I have plenty of friends so why do I care so much about this one person?

I imagine it's because I figure that I must have done something to bother him and he won't tell me what it is and that bothers me. Not because it's HIM particularly, but because I like to know precisely where I stand with people. If I scare them or piss them off or whatever and they don't wish to speak to me, fine, but please tell me that.

I think I will stick to blaming it on the fact that he has feelings for me that are attraction beyond friendship that he doesn't want to deal with, so he avoids me as if avoiding me will make them evaporate. Or something.

And people wonder why I am so pessimistic and cynical about dating and guys in general.

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Spelling Issues

from: anonymous
date: Jul. 19th, 2001 09:16 am (UTC)

Yes, you spelled bureaucracy correctly. Go Liz!!

Smiles, DreamerSpice

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