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On a Journey to the Past

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Jul. 14th, 2001 | 02:24 am
mood: artisticartistic
music: Unknown Artist - WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO-GO...

I have been rereading some of my old writing that is posted on this site. (Well, all of it is old, really -- I haven't posted new writing in about a year, and it shows, but that is soon to be fixed). I have discovered that my short stories are very anti-male; they deal so much with painful breakups and other such melodrama. And they have extremely trite endings.

I have decided it is time for revision. Strangely, this thought excites me.

I remember the way in which I used to completely balk at revision -- I hated to do it, felt it was useless, felt that I revised so much in my head before I ever put pencil to paper that revision, except for grammar and spellchecking was unnecessary. In the past year of two writing workshops and one playwriting workshop, I have learned that revision can be a very powerful thing and that it is in fact necessary. And I now have moments when I want to take out copies of my writing and a nice red pen and just write all over them about transitions I need to fix and overuse of adjectives and adverbs.

My definition of good writing has changed, I think. When I was fifteen and sixteen and terribly concerned with domains and being a good writer. The definition of good writing at the time seemed to be filled with drama -- the writing that I enjoyed reading, the writing that I wrote and the writing I did that received the most compliments from the circles of writers in which I wrote was filled with adjectives. It would have made great soap opera material. Not to say that writing of that sort is inherently bad -- it isn't. But it is not at all an accurate reflection of who I am at the present and who I am as a writer.

And as I said. Revision Revision Revision.

But. I am happy because [chinaroses] is rising out of the murk and mire and coming to be a much better site than it has been in a while. Amazing what a bit of care for a website will do.

I'm on a serious arts kick right now. And a lovely thing it is.

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from: discountsatori
date: Jul. 14th, 2001 09:54 am (UTC)

Revision always makes me feel very productive. I used to almost never revise my writing, but now that I see how much better I can make a piece after I leave it sitting for a little while and then start changing it (the only way to get that "outsider's" perspective), I revise all the time. I can't wait to see how you end up changing some of your old works. Good luck with it!

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