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Oh to have Talent.

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Jul. 10th, 2001 | 11:56 pm
mood: blahblah
music: Indigo Girls - Shame On You

I had all sorts of ambitions to finish a painting this evening, but I've gotten nowhere with it. All that I have accomplished is watching the new episode of The Real World on MTV and surfing the web. Well and I made EasyMac for dinner and took a nap somwhere along the line too. But really, not at all productive.

I did, however, find out that the art supply store one block over from my dorm sells acrylics for less than $3 a tube, which is a lovely thing to know. ($2.73 a tube for acrylics is, in case you didn't know, DIRT CHEAP!) Especially since I have been wanting some new colors -- I would really like a nice red and possibly some metallics. I also need to get some larger paintbruses. All of the ones that I have right now are small and smaller, and I'm starting to actually make time for painting again. It feels good to accomplish something artistically.

I need to start writing down my choreography too.

Writing is not happening tonight. I'm not in the proper mindset or something like that, I guess.

I am debating the idea of dating again. I've sort of sworn it off because I don't care to deal with it -- the idea of truly letting someone into my life in a way that is that "deep" for lack of a better word, in a way that allows me to be vulnerable petrifies me. In fact, the idea of being in love and having my life be truly enhanced by another person's presence in it (and the other side of having my life feel incomplete without that other person's presence) disturbs me. This is probably a sign that I shouldn't be dating -- if I am afraid to be close to someone and afraid that I might fall in love, then I am certainly not ready for any sort of serious relationship. And a casual relationship simply doesn't suit me. So I think I return to my vow of datelessness.

I can't believe it's only tuesday. It feels so much later in the week.

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