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Returning to my Artsy Self

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Jul. 10th, 2001 | 02:49 am
mood: contentcontent
music: none -- the roommate is sleeping right now

My suitemates were painting today, so I decided to paint along with them. I finished an acrylic that I started 4 years ago... I started it in an art class in 9th grade and then lacked supplies and later time to finish. So I brought it and my art supplies out here during the school year intending to do art and never had/made time for it (although, my roommates probably would have found it off-putting and they already were wary enough of me at the time so that was a bit of a deterrent as well). But the net of it is that I never managed to finish this painting, which I did finally finish tonight. It's an acrylic (since acrylics are my favorite painting media... for drawing I like a sketchbook and mechanical pencil with HB lead and kleenex to smooth and shade) that has a lake and rushes and waterlilies in it. It's a bit cartoonish in a way, but I'm pleased with how it's come out. I've decided that my painting style is somewhere around post impressionism. Although it's more just sort of there. It's how I paint things, I guess... and it's not photorealism or old masterish at all... it's most like the paintings of my favorite impressionists, except lacking much of their talent.

But. It felt good to finish it at last. And to work some more on another painting -- it will, when I finish it, be of a sailboat at sunset. So far, I have the water and the sunset painted and I'm quite placed with them. But I decided to let them dry thoroughly before I put another layer on top. (or, since the sail will be white, possibly 2 or 3 layers).

I've begun to notice a water theme in my paintings. I'm forever painting water lilies and oceans and boats and waterfalls. I don't know if it's because subconsciously I don't belive pencils can do justice to water where paint can because it is easier to get the movement right and the color and the reflection right or if it's just because I happen to like the color blue and putting water in a painting is a simple way to ensure that it has blue in it. Here I go again overanalyzing myself.

I bought the 41nd Street New Broadway Cast Recording today. I love it. I absolutely love it. It is fun and beautiful and wonderful, just like the show. And it gave me a great opportunity to spend some time fooling around in happytapdanceland today. I put on my big, boyish, clunky K360s and revelled in the fact that I could make a lot of noise with my feet and that I could control that noise to fit the music I was listening to. Plus I started working on the tap dance to BNL's "One Week" that I've been meaning to do for years now. And then, since I was feeling inspired, I started working on a lyrical to "Secure Yourself" by the Indigo Girls.

One of these days I should write down the choreography to the dances I keep making up. And actually finish them.

It feels like the last year has disappeared into a vacuum. Most of the projects that I'm just now beginning are projects that I'd intended to start but hadn't gotten around to it. I think I need to find a way to stop procrastinating. I need to make more time for myself... to say that I'm going to dance a certain number of times and stick to it. Because it feels good when I do. And it feels fantastic when I have days like today where I was just dancing and letting go of everything to just let my body move to the music as if the two -- the music and my being were two interconnected halves of a whole. Plus I was doing double and triple pirouettes with no trouble -- I just stood up and did them. It felt very liberating and just generally nice.

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