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She's Back!

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Jul. 7th, 2001 | 12:56 pm
mood: blahblah
music: Marc Cohn - Walking in Memphis

I have not felt like writing in the last two weeks (or however long it's been since I've written). I absolutely have not. I don't know if it's because I've been busy and been coming home too tired to care about adding my two cents to the wide world of web journals or if it's because I've been discussing my life and its meaning with real people lately and begun to lose interest in the self-reflection that normally has its place here.

But in any event, I have decided that if I wish to return myself to the craft of writing (which, naturally, I do, since it is a lovely craft and I have at least one play to finish, and probably a couple of others to start simply because I adore plays and playwriting) then I must return myself to the habit of writing. A habit that is easy to get out of, and one that takes discipline to return to. But, I am self-disciplined, so I have no excuse, really.

Now to be boring: Today, I need to pick up my paycheck from Express and deposit it, go to Times Square and rush for 42nd Street because I am feeling, currently, a deep inner need to smile for three hours watching fabulous tap dancing from the front row, work on the dances that I have sort of begun choreographing (nothing really set yet, but some definite ideas that I like and hope to pursue), download new music perhaps. Shave. We shall see how much of this I actually accomplish.

I have to work tomorrow night and this idea does not appeal to me. But. I will be earning money and money is good.

In any case. It is already 1 pm, so I must be off in order to begin working for my accomplishments.

Also: I am excited for many of hte new shows slated to open on Broadway in the coming months. It appears to be a fantastic season coming up (although the older I get, the more shows I like and the more I look forward to, so I don't suppose that's saying much).

I saw The Producers. Jane Eyre still deserved best lighting, Kate Levering still deserved Best featured Actress in a Musical and I think that if Best Music and Best Lyrics had been separate categories, A Class Act or Jane Eyre deserved Best Music. But I can't argue with most of the Tonys for that show... it was truly truly fabulous. And well worth what I spent to sit in the very last row of the St. James Theater.

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franchise player

(no subject)

from: rollerboogie
date: Jul. 11th, 2001 08:47 pm (UTC)

Bite your tongue. "The Full Monty" deserved Best Score. "Jane Eyre" was too dull-standard and "A Class Act" was hit-and-miss. Plus, it was not really an original score. It was pieced.

much love.

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