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Talking 'till 4 am.

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Jun. 6th, 2001 | 09:49 pm
mood: artisticartistic
music: Rent - Seasons of Love

Staying on the phone until past 4 am is not a good idea when one has to get up and have one's brain function the next day. Although besides being a little slower than my normal brain speed this morning, I wasn't doing too badly. For normal purposes it was fine. Unfortunately, my job is not a job that requires normal mindless brain function. I have to be awake and aware and able to think.

But, it's good because it is research. Research is a nice bullet to have on my resume for getting into MD-PhD programs. And. I am happy because my gel decided that it did want to cooperate with me today -- it went really easily and it decided to be watertight and I even managed to get all of the wells even and teeth straight without having to perform surgery on it as it were. (Making gels from scratch is not an easy process. It is useful to know how to do it, but it is certainly not easy, nor is it really the most fun thing in the world. BUT. It is much easier than I remember it being when I was in high school. Although part of that, I think, is that I have decent pipettes to use to load the wells. Trying to do it with the weird squeezy things we used in AP bio was near impossible. ANYWAY.) I'm sure this means nothing to at least ninety percent of the people who read this, but it is my journal afterall.

I have become terrible at this journalling thing lately.

I guess because I spend so much time writing to other people -- keeping in touch via email and whatnot that by the time I write here, I feel as though I am being redundant. I guess my overanalytic tendency is shrivelling. I am finding newer and more interesting ways to use my brain and in the process, the part that is perpetually examining, analyzing and reexamining myself is atrophying.

I have started drawing again. I have decided that I will begin doing it a little every day and this will be good for me. I need to start really dancing again. I miss it. A LOT.

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Comments {2}


from: anonymous
date: Jun. 10th, 2001 01:21 pm (UTC)

Hi Liz!

Long time no talk! Anyway, I just wanted to brag that I *do* know what you're talking about in that middle paragraph, as I have been making quite a few agarose gels myself this week! It helps if you get the gel in the buffer before you pull out the comb.

Love, D.S.

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Re: Gels!

from: stellae
date: Jun. 10th, 2001 01:26 pm (UTC)

lol. That works really well with Agros. However, I've been doing Western blots which means that according to the protocol I have, I'm supposed to make acrylomide ones. Which is annoying because the stacking and resolving gels are made separately and the apparatus is slightly different... so one pulls out the comb before putting it in the buffer. :-P


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