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from here away

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May. 11th, 2001 | 10:44 pm

I wrote this entry already. I do not feel like rewriting and being verbose again because AOL may die on me again.

Typically, I don't use AOL... because I don't like it and it costs money and it's... annoying. But. I am at a friend's house and AOL is what she has, so we will make this sacrifice (and also that of updating via website as opposed to updating via little program that runs from my desktop) and smile.

My mom and I had a lovely conversation yesterday. She called for help on her speech right after I finished writing my entry. Which was funny because I answered the phone and said "I was just thinking that I should call you about this and then the phone rang and I thought 'oh! That must be Mom, calling about her speech so I should answer.' And indeed it was you." I'm sure that has so much meaning for everyone.

I will be home in 48 hours. Well, home is an imprecise word. I will be at a house where I have a room allocated to me in Minnesota where I never quite fit in -- I was never one to fit in there in the first place and I certainly don't now, but I suppose there are worse things in life.

Callie, add me as a friend. Now. (please. (o: )

I owe you a letter, D.S. and I have it written but in my infinite idiocy I have packed the notebook in which it is written away and so I will not see it for another two weeks. Humblest apologies.

I want my grades in World Cultures and Chemistry. Bah.

Bye Bye Bye

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