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and it all goes away

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May. 10th, 2001 | 01:16 pm
mood: sadsad

So my stuff is all going away tomorrow. I will be alone in my dorm room with my bed, a few clothes and I guess a couple of books. And that's it. Because my computer is going tonight, my TV and the rest of my things are going tomorrow morning... leaving me two days to be here and be lonely.

My room feels very empty and uncomfortable. It's bare and cold and there aren't any people that I know on my floor really.

In a way, it's utterly depressing. And I'm annoyed at Molly now for being an idiot as she was and giving me misinformation that has now caused me a great great great deal of trouble and uncalculated expense. *SIGH*

There are times when I really dislike being a college student. I would really really like to find an apartment at this point in time. If only I were rich.

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