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May. 9th, 2001 | 05:07 pm
mood: annoyedannoyed
music: Original Broadway Cast - As Good As You

My building manager is an idiot. She told me that I could leave my stuff in my room when I asked her about it several weeks ago, changed her mind on the issue today and then decided that it was my fault. I almost didn't have a place to live for three days except that I kinda went berzerk and started complaining about my mother's medical bills and things like that so she took pity on me and gave me late chekcout. And it appears that it will be fine as far as storing my stuff goes -- I have a friend who will take my computer for the two weeks I'm gone and the rest of my things fit into about three good sized boxes that can be easily stored (and one somewhat smaller box for the microwave) and so it will all work out. But. It is still annoying and she should not have done this to me and caused me this much undue anguish and extra cost.

It is, however, still cheaper than paying for two weeks of housing during which I will not be here, I suppose.

Gah. Unhappy Liz.

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