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one more before I'm done

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May. 8th, 2001 | 09:52 pm
mood: stressedstressed
music: spinner internet radio

I have 5 chapters of my chemistry textbook that I must read tonight. Help.

Ah, well... at least I know what one of the problems on the exam will be, and that will help... because I can study that... and there was something else about silicon and oxygen that my instructor said would be important for the exam, so I can remember that and study that closely and know that things will be fine.

The quizzes on this material have been more content wise and familiarity with chemical processes than they have been problems and things to do, so we can count on the fact that they will be very much the same for the exam because that is the way the professor is. Also, we must look over the homework problems and familiarize ourself with how to do them (which will not, in reality, take that long since there are not many problems, really) and look over our notes and assume we shall be fine.

But at 11 am tomorrow, I will be finished with my final exam. This a source for joy certainly.

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Comments {1}

Best of luck, sweetiepie!

from: anonymous
date: May. 8th, 2001 08:19 pm (UTC)

Conquer that last final exam--I know you can do it--sounds like you've got your chem under control, from reading what you've written in your journal!

Much love, D.S.

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