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You're a mean one, mister Grinch

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Nov. 27th, 2000 | 11:24 pm
mood: stressedstressed
music: Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror

So I saw the Grinch tonite. Good movie... a movie in which Jim Carey actually very much amused me, as opposed to making me want to scream, vomit, and hurl popcorn at the movie screen. Really, I'm not a violent person. I promise.

I think I have to find a better way of putting up some of my posters on the wall.

Greg: so how was your weekend?
Me: Fine.
Greg: What did you do?
Me: Saw my family, went out with my friend Shannon, saw my cousins, went to a show with my mom, hung out with Topper.
Greg: Topper? What'd you do?
Me: Went to Mall of America, shopped, had dinner, went to his house and watched a movie.
Greg: You went to another guy's house?
Me: He's dating my BEST FRIEND. Nothing happened!

Greg was actually kinda jealous. He said he was acting, but I don't believe it. It was kinda cute in a way. He's nice... and he tries hard, but he just isn't for me. But I don't have the energy to deal with that right now, so I'm staying where I am. It's kinda ridiculous, though, this dating someone when I know at the beginning that it won't go anywhere. Because I sit and think "okay, what's an appropriate time to break up with him. I can't do it at such and such a time because of this and I can't do it at that time because of that... " and it doesn't make for a good relationship.

Sigh. I want to be in love, I really do. I want to be swept off my feet. And at the same time, I want to be single. I don't know what I want.

I want a simple life. And I want to dance... I want time and freedom to just go and make up dances for hours on end, without worrying about class and homework and all of that good (ew) stuff.

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