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A Class Act

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May. 6th, 2001 | 03:47 am
mood: indescribable
music: Original Broadway Cast - Secret Soul

So I borrowed my title. It fits.

I saw, on Broadway tonight (well technically last night since it's now well past 3 am, but that is neither here nor there) A Class Act, a musical about the life of Ed Kleban, best known as the lyricist of A Chorus Line. The show was beautiful. Incredibly beautiful and very moving... I don't think there has ever been a show that I've seen that's made me cry that much. Which is good -- it felt good to see a show that I became personally involved with without feeling like I had to be. I wasn't watching and thinking "oh, I am now involved by this character doing this thing because it is incredibly dramatic." Not that that is a bad way to become involved in a show, but this was different. I was involved without meaning to be. I connected to something in a character that I have very little in common with in a way that was just incredibly moving. Not to mention I discovered many beautiful new songs. I may need to invest in the cast recording (someday when I feel rich... erm...) just for the beautiful melodies on it.

My words are not doing justice to this show. It is the sort of show that reminds me of the things that I love about theatre and hate about it at the same time... it is such a struggle to get anywhere with it, and yet when you do get somewhere it just feels incredibly wonderful. (Choreographing dance is like that for me. I did a dance to Wind Beneath My Wings last year after a lot of begging and a lot of no's and a lot of reasons that I couldn't from my dance teacher... and finally she agreed to let me try and I did and I created something that touched people and that my dance teacher even complimented me on, and that is a success that I do not believe I will ever forget).

The show doesn't seem like much on the outside, but it is brilliant in the subtle way of it catches you and it leads you along gently until you've been so drawn in that you really feel you know Ed Kleban. And it all happened so charm and wit that I, at least, never felt my emotions were forced. It is just one of those beautiful gems that makes one realize what makes Broadway different from any other kind of theater in the world. It doesn't matter how uninterested in a topic you may be -- you become interested in it because the theater experience is just THAT GOOD.

Go see this show. Now. Half-full houses on a Saturday night for something this good are unacceptable.

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