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Hello, I am one of the cool people

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Apr. 26th, 2001 | 01:32 am

Or at least I felt that way tonight. I got to go backstage at my favorite Broadway show, and that was a very lovely experience.

I went (again) to see Jane Eyre, for research purposes mostly for my paper for writing sweatshop. I met a very talkative woman who was sitting next to me and was really sweet and apparently enjoyed talking to me as much as I enjoyed talking to her. We had a nice conversation about Jane Eyre as a book and a movie and a musical and I got some good thoughts for my essay. I then got to interview the assistant stage manager who also gave me some lovely thoughts... and some words to go with these thoughts that were similar to hunches I had had previously but been unable to articulate.

I had a difference of opinion with my writing workshop teacher today in conference and was immensely frustrated... so I emailed her apologizing her and explaining simply and articulately what was frustrating... and we are still in the same places mentally I think -- she still wants me to write a certain way and to think a certain way, and I still feel that she is trying to make a word processor out of a calculator without reprogramming it. But, at least I now have a clear picture of what she wants me to do. (Well, as clear as I am likely to get from a writing teacher). And I am back in her good graces.

I need to start dancing again. Not 'I should' or 'I want to if I have time.' I NEED to. I am going insane (slowly) because of a lack of physical discipline in my life... I am balanced spiritually and intellectually now, but I need to try to balance myself physically. Because I am having bad hormone imbalances that I think come from lack of real heart pumping grinding physical exercise.

Of course maybe I just have some weird syndrome.

In any case, I need to go to sleep now because I am getting up way too early in the morning to go and work on my lab report and finish it and turn it in. I will then be completely done with lab for the rest of the year, having only a lab final to put up with. It is nice to know that the end of school is approaching. 5 classes left. 5. I can count backwards on one hand now. How very frightening.

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