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The time I spend wandering

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Apr. 20th, 2001 | 09:55 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: no artist - Nancy Lamott - We can be kind

I found out where I am living next year. Greenwich Hotel is the name of the dorm. It is on the other side of the planet. I am finally getting used to being an East Villager and the life over here and in August, I will move to being as far into the West Village as one can be. Well, maybe not as far, but close to it. I am two blooks from water. And a river away from Jersey. Which is sad, really, because nobody really wants to be that close to Jersey (or at least, no true self-respecting New Yorker) but we can deal.

I walked over to the area today. Just so that I could see what it is like. I have decided that I like the West Village. It is small streets crowded with tiny shops and restaurants. More colors and more trees and all around neater... and I appreciate that. But it doesn't change that my Junior year, I hope to live back on Fourteenth street because it is closer to certain other things of import to me.

But. It is a nice place. An area that feels quite chilled out, actually, with a sports club and a giant D'Agostino's supermarket next door. Supermarkets are, of course, important things to find when one intends to be cooking for oneself (which I do next year, since my dorm is a bit far from any of the decent campus dining halls... and this semester I have 5 meals a week that mostly, I don't use) so I was happy to discover it. Other happy things from wandering in the West Village today -- I found a very very lovely Bargain Bookshop that I intend to go back to tomorrow because they had a lovely book on dance that I have decided I want. I want also to get one for my dance teacher because she will enjoy it.

Sadly, I think my favorite Italian restaurant that I have been trying to remember the location of all year is gone. I could not find it on newyork.citysearch.com. I am hoping that it just changed names or could not afford to be listed on citysearch.com but still I am concerned. So I will look for that tomorrow as well. That gives me a nice afternoon, I think. I will take my camera and have an all-around very lovely time, yes I will. And sometime soon I will begin packing boxes of things to send home -- mostly winter clothes that I do not anticipate needing here in the summer. Because we are always in the project of attempting to reduce the amount of clothing we have here. Well, clothing and stuff in general. ("stuff" mostly consisting of books).

And tomorrow I will finish writing my play, though I've no idea what I wll do to finish it. Or even what to write for a second scene. But it will come. I have confidence that it will come. I don't know where this comes from but yet it is there. Because I have two characters who are interesting people and they are interacting. I would like to find a way for them to come together somehow, but not right away. I believe I will give them a reason that they *must* continue living together -- one character has already decided to move and now we must create for her some reason that she cannot move and must learn to live with her roommate. Or, as the dynamic seems to play itself out, her roommte must learn to live with her.

I have slept for 6 hours already this afternoon and will probably still go to bed in a couple hours.

I have a job interview on Monday.

Things are good.

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