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the perils of playwriting

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Apr. 16th, 2001 | 11:45 pm
mood: annoyedannoyed

There is a piece of me right now that really really wants to write. Like I have inspiration (sort of) and I have sort of a momentum going on my play now.. and I just realized that I have 20 pages written. Whether all of it is crap or not, I am not sure, but I am not going to worry about that right now. There is a piece of me that would like to finish writing this play if only for the benefit of saying that I wrote a play. That I wrote about people and what they wanted and about their story. (Or stories I guess, since every character needs to have some kind of background and wants and so on. Because the play is made of characters, not of plot. There is a plot naturally, because a plotless play would be interesting. But given two characters and a place, a play can be born).

That was a long parenthetical.

It's funny though because I am feeling like a writer right now. I am telling myself that yes, I can do this. Perhaps just to throw it in the face of my playwriting professor, given that I practically broke down in his office last week. But then I was falling apart because of a lot of things last week and now I am starting to feel better. Not much better really, but enough better to at least funciton. (Though I feel quite lost on my writing sweatshop paper. But it will all settle itself out. I just need to do more writing and more data gathering I think). Two weeks. Two weeks from now I will be done with classes and will only have one paper and two exams to worry about. Until then is a different story, however. It's funny -- I need to see a couple plays as research for my paper and I want to see a couple others and I'm sitting here feeling overwhelmed that I don't have the time for it at all.

I remember when it used to be that I would feel robbed somehow if I didn't go to a show every week. Now I think it's been 3 weeks and I haven't seen anything. But I might have seen something. I really don't remember. Perhaps my stress is coming from withdrawl then. Perhaps if I see a show or two, I will be rejuvenated. I will find new inspiration.

Proof won the Pulitzer Prize for drama and this makes me happy. Because when I saw it, I knew it was a brilliant script. The kind of script that I wish I could someday write, though I know I am not likely to ever be that good. Most likely because I will have to write a lot of lousy plays to even write one good one. I am having issues with scene 4 -- scene 1 has necessary elements. scene 2 has necessary elements.
Scene 3 has necessary elements.
Scene 4 has elements that are necessary to the story but there is no action in the scene. It is expository right now... and that is a problem with it that needs to be solved. But I don't really know how to solve it.

Ah the frustration of writing.

I have been sitting at this computer too long. I am geting a painful crick in my back. So I am going to go do something else for a while. Maybe I'll even go to bed. Sleep is a highly underappreciated quality. Yes. I will go to bed and wake up early to work on this scene. And then it will go somewhere. I hope.

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