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Now if I were a good little girl

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Apr. 16th, 2001 | 05:20 pm
mood: stressedstressed
music: Qkumba Zoo - The Child Inside

I should be working on homework. Am I? Of course not.

Although. In my list of things to do today, I have accomplished several. There was a position being advertised on the chalkboard of my class at NYU that pays very very well. So I called about it. They are not interviewing until next week, but somehow, that is okay since I don't believe I could handle an interview before next week. I did go to class. I did write things for writing sweatshop. They were not entirely what I was supposed to be writing, but that is okay. And I didn't have to turn it in anyway, so that is good.

But. I should really start searching tonight for "texts" to include in my 'draft' that is due on Wednesday. I think I have an idea about where I want to go, sort of, but there is the whole finding texts part. I need to find reviews of the musical from the New York Times and so on -- perhaps other magazines or something like that, which I suppose I could look for in a place like the New York Public Library (although looking for anything and the New York Public Library seems like a daunting task that could take many many hours. And many many hours are not what I have. So perhaps I will instead use different texts this week. I can do a good interview on Wednesday morning that may not ultimately be a text but may certainly be a text that I use in an earlier draft. I can use the novel itself, and I can use the lyrics from the Cast Recording. Or, I can use some of the notes on the development of the show from playbills in place of the interview or in place of the lyrics or whatever. In any event, I have 3 texts that I can come up with before going to the library to do research, I believe. I can also buy headphones and rent a video of one of the Jane Eyremovies and use that as a text.

So I have options.

I did write a new first draft of a ten minute play last night. Although I'm not entirely sure if it's actually 10 minutes. But, perhaps I will send that out for feedback from a couple friends and they will help me revise it. I'm just very afraid now. After last week's conference, any confidence that I once had in my ability to write plays has been shot through. It is gone. Nonexistant. It truly makes me not want to write. But. I do want to finish my play that I have at least a synopsis of scenes for because I want to be able to say that I wrote a play. Me. And I think, actually, that I have a decent idea. It will need much revision, of course, because first drafts are always far far far from perfect. But. The fact that I will have then written a play remains and that is a nice feeling.

David Aubrun won the Pulitzer Prize for Proof. And I saw it on Broadway with Mary-Louise Parker. She was brilliant. It was brilliant.

The job search continues. I may be able to get a job as a temp (after all, I am good at answering phones and typing. And if I learn powerpoint and excel then I get a really good pay scale) which will be fine with me. As long as I can get paid to do something.
I called today about a position that was being advertised on the chalkboard at school and they will call me back in 5 days or so for an interview. I hope to get this job very much because it pays well, and money is a good thing. It would be nice to have that in place for the summer. I don't have a volunteer internship nailed down yet, but as people say, they can always use someone in a lab to was glassware... and the experience of working in a lab is what I need. So perhaps I will ask for contacts in the chemistry department when I go to declare my major later this week. Things will, I hope, fall into place. I am certain that I will find SOME job.

I qualify as a summer transition student with housing! This means that I will stay in New York until the 13th in order to move my stuff (if that turns out to be necessary) and will not have to worry about storage or packing up all sorts of stuff and sending it home amidst all of my finals or anything like that. So this is good. This means I can tell my mom my travel dates and arrange my flights and manage to miss only one meeting through the whole ordeal and no book studies.

Two weeks at home. Oy. It's odd to think that I haven't been home since December. And even though December seems like a long time ago and I feel like I should be missing home or homesick or something, I'm not. Because truly, I am happy here. I have friends here and a life here and I love that. I do not wish to ever leave it. Although. I could do without the dorm thing. ;-P (Or at least without the roommate thing).

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