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busy busy life. busy busy week.

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Apr. 16th, 2001 | 01:09 am
mood: stressedstressed
music: Sarah McLaughlin - I Will Remember You

I have much to do this week. I had a great weekend, which I will write about sometime when I have more energy -- I feel great; for the first time in my life I really feel included in things and with people and so on. And that makes me happy. I've really built a life here and become quite attatched to that life. But. Things to this week:

1) Get up early -- go talk to the building manager about summer housing.
2) write things for writing sweatshop.
3) go to classes
4) go to Office of Career Services walk-in hours to work on summer job hunt
5) Go to NYU employment office to see about summer employment
6) Call lab partner and get together for sharing of data for lab report due Thurs.
7) Write second first draft of 10-minute play
8) write first draft of scenes 4 and 5 in unnamed longer play.

1) Go to class.
2) revise 10-minute play and scenes
3) go to conference with playwriting teacher. Attempt to not cry.
4) go to playwriting class and hope to have something good enough to read in among my writing.
5) Bible Study
6) Write part of said lab report (all if possible).
7) Try to get to bed at reasonable time.

1) Get up early early early and go to Times Square. Bring camera. Bring reading to do.
2) Return to dorm and write things for sweatshop
3) go to class
4) work on lab report
5) Go to Aida. bring camera for stage-dooring pictures
6) return home and finish said lab report.

1) Go to class.
2) turn in lab report
3) write talk
4) do chemistry homework
5) go to meeting
6) finish chemistry homework

1) Go to recitation
2) Continue Job Hunt
3) Service?
4) Crash from insane week. Remind self that I can make it through one more week and then I will have completed my freshman year of college. How quickly how quickly.

This has been a very boring journal entry, and for that I apologize. But I needed to get my head straight or else I will not have the discipline to get everything done. Or the time for that matter. Because I procrastinated tonight (shame on me)... and because I have decided to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Oh. I dyed my hair red, by the way. It looks nice, says everyone, including me, which makes me happy.

I have much tension and it is building up in my back which is not fun. I am not pleased with this development. But. This too shall pass. I must remember to read the DayText every day and that will help me very much in my endeavours. And yes, I know that in American English, endeavor is spelled without the u. But I like British and Canadian spellings. Colour, Flavour, Endeavour, etc. They look nice when written.

I have a new address, by the way:

Liz Rislove
P. O. Box 1400
New York, NY 10276

This is a hint to send me mail. Although I imagine it will work about as well as the last one did, which was not at all. hehehe.


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