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Procrastinators of the world unite

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Apr. 11th, 2001 | 11:43 pm
mood: restlessrestless
music: Bette Midler - Shiver Me Timbers

I am procrastinating now. Shamelessly. I have reading to do and a paper to start doing and I am finding everything I possibly can to avoid starting. Which is probably not good for my grade on said paper, but hey, all will be fine tomorrow. I will get it done. I will get a decent grade. Life is good. Well not good, really, but certainly passable for a decent existance. Wait... that sounds really depressing and depressed I am not.

(Although my playwriting teacher would disagree with me on that. He thinks I need to see a shrink because for once in my life I didn't just hold it all in... I have issues, apparently. Which I do, as does everybody... but I know me and I know that my seing a shrink would not solve these issues in the least).

Anyway. In my procrastination, I am cleaning my room -- I did my bed, now I am working on my desk... tomorrow, I will probably work on my little makeshift chest of drawers. (Made of Yaffa blocks and with my TV sitting on top of them. It works well enough, although the blocks really aren't strong enough to support the TV without bending and shape-shifting a bit... so I will need to find a better support for the TV for next year. I also need to find a computer stand (most likely) but we shall see about that. It will all work out, I am sure). After I finish with my desk, I will probably start writing a letter to a friend because I owe her one and because I have pictures and things that I want to send to her. But my desk first. It needs cleaning -- I think I need to get one of those little vacuums that you use for cleaning keyboards because I have managed to ammass crumbs in my drawers and this is a highly annoying thing. Plus, my mouse and keyboard both need cleaning since I have this habit of eating at my computer, which is not good for its hygeine. But. We will worry about the computer cleaning kit as the end of the year approaches.

I am trying hard to be a neater person. But I must admit -- I like clutter. Not overwhelming clutter, but a little bit of clutter here and there I like. It makes me feel safe. Environments that are too sterile bother me. Perhaps that is why I plastered my walls with theatre posters -- I have practically wallpaper of it now... and inbetween my bulletin board -- made of cork squares hung up with sticky tack and coverd in pictures of friends and family. Not my friends from here though -- this must change, methinks. Must must change.

Enough of written procrastination. I am procrastinating by writing about procrastinating. What a lovely irony.

And away then.


(and yes, I know this entry was very random)

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