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3 weeks

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Apr. 10th, 2001 | 10:53 pm
mood: stressedstressed
music: Indigo Girls - Secure Yourself

Three weeks from now, I will be finished with my last class of my freshman year of college. Funny how it's flown by. September seems like it was in another lifetime, in a lot of ways, but it also seems like it was yesterday. So it is my nature now to reflect on the events of the last year and look at how I have changed. Although such reflection would probably be a bit more appropriate once I have survived the next few weeks. But. That is all beside the point.

My playwriting professor thinks I should see a shrink. I don't need a shrink. Not that seeing a shrink is necessarily a bad thing or anything to be ashamed of -- if you need it, it's certainly not. But just because I have stuff in my life to deal with and my world is not perfect and I get upset and emotional sometimes does not mean I need to go talk to a total stranger about it.

I've started to care about school again. I have urges to slack off, but I realized today that I can rise above all of the mire that I'm stuck in right now and come through shining. I just have to stay focused... and I can't bother worrying about what my roommate thinks of it because what she thinks is not important. And if she's sick of me and mad at me... well, she can put up with me for another three weeks... and if she's annoyed at me, she can say something. Because I don't care. Would it be nice if we were friends? Yes. Would it be nice if we could chat? Yes. Is that going to happen? Not likely.

Oh. Well.

It's just a test anyway. And so I am going to grin and bear it and find comfort in my spiritual family and in reading my Bible. Because that is where TRUE comfort comes from.

I need to find a summer job. That can be... Friday's project, I guess.

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