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The annoyingness of Unix Shells

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Mar. 14th, 2001 | 01:11 am
mood: excitedexcited
music: Original Broadway Cast - Sweet Liberty

I feel bad when I try to log onto my free unix shell accounts to play games or talk to specific people or whatever. Because I get these random idiots, most of whom are from India (yes, I am aware that sounds prejudiced, but in this particular case it happens to be true) who want to know all about my life and think that since I am online I must have no life or something. It's very annoying.

And for some reason, they don't understand the word "no." If you say no, then you are supposed to explain why you are busy, what you are busy with... ARGH!!!!

And I was just trying to write a bloody paper.

At least I did get that draft finished. And I believe it is better than my first draft.

Things to do:

1) Get up earlyearly and go get Aida tickets. Two of them for the Matinee.
2) Pack.
3) Clean dorm's bathroom.
4) Go wait at hotel. Arrive there by noon.
5) I am missing something. I thought of it. Then it left. Oh well.
6) See my mom!!!!

Things to remember when packing:
1) Fafsa signature form
2) Met tickets
3) Dress clothes
4) Bible study books
5) Cell phone
6) Makeup
7) Book of friends' phone numbers.

I am seeing my mommy tomorrow!!!! Today technically. In about 11 hours! I miss her so much... this makes me very happy.

I want to become someone's secret admirer. Sort of because I have always wanted a secret admirer and sort of because I like him and sort of because I think it would just be fun. But there comes to be the problem of not giving myself away. hmmm... we shall ponder this.

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