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surveys surveys

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Mar. 13th, 2001 | 09:46 pm
mood: blahblah
music: Richard Marx - I'll be Right Here Waiting For You

I am a very good procrastinator. Yes I am.

5) What Time Is It? 9:25
~*LaSt PeRsOn WhO?......*~
6) Called You: My mom.
7) Slept In Your Bed: me.
8) Saw You Cry: I really don't know.
9) Made You Cry: The cast of Jane Eyre at least brought tears to my eyes.
10) Spent The Night At Your House: Ummm. That was years and years ago.
11) You Shared A Drink With: Chris probably.
12) You Went To The Movies With: Crissie (yay for 1 am movies!)
13) You Went To The Mall with: Shannon.
14) Yelled At You: Nobody has yelled at me in my recent memory.
15) Sent You An Email: Perry
16) Said They Were Gonna Kill You: Mark, but that was a long long time ago.
~*HaVe YoU eVeR...*~
17) Taken A Picture Of Yourself With A Milk Mustache And Sent It to The
Milk People: no. I have better things to do with my time... like fill out surveys.
18) Said "I Love You" And Not Mean it: Yes. Though I am ashamed to admit that.
19) Gotten Into A Fight With Your Dog/Cat/Bird/Fish/Etc.?: nope.
20) Been To New York? Of course, I live there!
21) Been To Florida? twice.
22) California? yeah... I went to Disneyland when I was 7 and I got sick on the rides. It was a wholly unpleasant experience and made me quite afraid of roller coasters for a long long time.
23) Hawaii? Alas no.
24) Mexico? Nope. Someday, however, I will go... if just to see Mayan ruins.
25) China? Nope. No real interest in going, either.
26) Canada? Does the Canada side of Niagra Falls count?
27) Danced Naked? noooo....
28) Dreamed Something Really Crazy And Then It Happens The Next Day? Not the next day... but I dreampt about my first kiss and then it happened exactly as in my dream.
29) Stalked Someone? No. I have had tendencies toward it, but I fight them off and then they go away.
30) Had A Mud Bath? Nope.
32) Had An Imaginary Friend? I suppose my characters in my play are sort of imaginary...
33) What time is it? 9:31
~*THiS Or THaT...?*~
34) apples Or bananas? apples.
35) Red Or Blue? blue.
36) What happened to question 36? This is question 36, silly.
37) Wal Mart Or Target? Target. Because it is just all around cooler than Wal Mart. Unless you want to go in the middle of the night, and then WalstarMart is great.
38) Spring Or fall? Fall because of crisp air and crunching leaves. Spring because of warmth and new hope.
39) Santa Or Rudolph? Rudolph. Too easy to get Satan out of Santa.
40) Math Or English? Math. English is too subjective. But I like both.
41) What Are You Going To Do After You Finish This Survey? write a second draft of my paper for writing sweatshop.
42) What Was The Last Food You Ate? hamburger and strawberry shake.
43) High School Or College? College. Yay NYU!
44) Are You Bored with life? sorta. But not really. Actually, no. Bored isn't the right word. Too comfortable -- needing something new, I think is more correct.
45) How Many Of Your Buddies are on? 21, but 8 are idle and 6 are away.
46) Last Movie You Saw? In the theaters: CastAway (or Chocolat, I forget which). On Video: Mel Brooks' History of the World Part I.
47) Last Noise You Heard: water dripping in the bathroom.
~*Which One Of Your Friends..?*~
48) Laughs The Weirdest? I don't know.
49) Will Grow Up And Be A Model? Chris L.
50) Going To Have The Most Kids? Sarah
51) Have You Known The Longest? Sarah
52) Loudest? hmmm... either Shannon or my mom.
53) Is The Quietest? Crissie
54) Do You Have The Most Classes with? Pei
56) Who Is The Funniest? Chris L. or Seton. Depends.
57) Who Is The Moodiest? Me. or Lins, maybe.
~*A LiL AbOuT YoUr FRiEnDs...?*~
58) Who Can You Tell Most Of Your Secrets to: Chris C or Matt
59) Who Do You Usually Go To About All Of Your Problems: my mom
60) Who Do You Distrust the Most: That's cruel. I won't answer that.
61) Who Is the Meanest To You: Chris L.
62) Who Is the Nicest To You: Crissie
63) Who Do You Hang Out With the Most: Chris and Crissie.
64) Who Gets the Most Annoying: me.
65) Name Your Best Friends: Chris, Crissie, my mom, D.S.
66) Name other friends/acquaintances: I have too many of them.
*~A CoUpLe MoRe Questions....?*~
67) Last Time You Went Out Of State: January 26-28 when I was in Boston.
68) Lucky #'s: don't believe in that.
69) Things You Like In A Girl/Guy?: brains, sense of humor, artisticness... (in any of the arts, but preferably performing)... and it doesn't hurt them to be nice to look at either. mwahaha.
70) Weirdest Thing About You? oh where to start where to start
71) Do you have crush on someone? Yes. *sigh*
72) Do they know? I highly doubt it.
73) Do you have a Boyfriend/Gilfriend: Nope.
74) What's his/her name? I don't have one.
75) What Do You Think About Ouija Boards? eep! Spoooooky. I don't ever use them.
76) What Book Are You Reading Now? a bunch of plays.
78) Favorite Board Game: Trivial Pursuit.
80) Favorite Sound: Gershwin music.
81) Worst Feeling In The World: loneliness
84) How Many Rings Before You Answer? howevermany it takes me to get to the phone.
85) Future Daughter's name: not having kids.
86) Future Son's Name: not having kids.
87) Chocolate Or Vanilla? chocolate. Except ice cream... then vanilla.
88) Do You Sleep With A Stuffed animal? yesh. My big stuffed Tigger.
83) Favorite Alcoholic Drink? Kir Royale.
89) If You Could Have Any Job You Wanted: Actress/Dancer on Broadway. Or Director/Choreographer on Broadway.
90) What Is Your Favorite Snapple? lemonade
91) Are You A Lefty, Righty, Ambidextrous? Righty for almost everythign.
92) Do you think Jesus was black/white/etc.? Arabic. He was a Jew from Isreal.

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Comments {2}

a thousand years


from: aoboshi
date: Mar. 13th, 2001 09:54 pm (UTC)

Just popping in to say hi, as I saw you listed in the NYU community. =) I'm also a NYU freshman with sophomore standing (doesn't look like I'm gonna be out of here in 3 years though) and a double major (Finance and CPA Accounting).

And I love surveys. :)


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Re: hi.

from: stellae
date: Mar. 13th, 2001 10:04 pm (UTC)

Heya! Yes... I started the NYU community! ;-) I'm assuming you are in Stern... Finance and CPA Accounting. I am impressed. Very impressed, actually.

Thanks for saying hi!

-- Liz

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