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Overnight in Brooklyn

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Mar. 10th, 2001 | 10:00 pm
mood: goodgood

I spent the night at my friend's house last night. We had a good time... watching movies, talking, solving the world's problems, all that good stuff. It's the first "sleepover" I've had/been to in a very great while... unless staying at Harvard counted, which I suppose it does, in a way... but not the exact same way.

But anyway. We stayed up until almost 4:30 talking. I'm beginning to like 4 am bedtimes... although it made it a bit harder to get up this morning. But it's all good. Life in general is good.

There is nothing eerier than an empty dorm, I have decided. If I had my own apartment, perhaps it wouldn't feel so eerie. But in a dorm, when people leave, it feels so strangely quiet -- one gets used to doors slamming, people talking, music playing... all of that sort of stuff that happens at all hours of the day. When the people are gone, even when there's the occasional one left on the floor, it feels strange. Too quiet, really.

I like my friends. I used to always go clothes shopping with my mom because she was honest about what color looked good on me. She used to help me pick out my makeup and things, too. Now I have a friend here to do that with -- it's great because I will sometimes like things that are not unattractive necessarily, but not wholly attractive on me, and I need somebody to tell me what color looked better. And who has patience... and I like to do the same. It's nice.

My mommy is coming on Wednesday! Am I excited? Just a little.

I am not having a good writing day.


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