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boredom boredom

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Mar. 3rd, 2001 | 09:20 pm
mood: blahblah
music: Matchbox Twenty - Real World


I suppose I could do something productive, but I'm not that organized. Well, actually I am... but why do productive things when one has a lovely computer to distract oneself?
I need to stop taking these quizzes on playbill.com and go and do work. So I will go with my friend to Starbucks and she will study psych and I will study religion and everything will be just loverly.

I am a bad girl. I should have gone in service today and I didn't. But then I did wake up with a sore throat, so that kinda contributed. I am not well but not sick either... kind of in that realm of half-health where I'm healthy enough to function more or less but not healthy enough to function normally. Although if I just kicked up my pace of life then perhaps I would chill out a bit. (Yes. Being busier would make me calmer. Don't ask me how this works).

Anyway. I have resolved to go and study and to go to bed early tonight.

I bought new headphones for my computer and I love them. They work ever so much better than my old ones... and their cord is actually long enough, which also helps. I want to buy a webcam. I found a cheap one that I might buy in a couple weeks. If I feel like it. Hmmm... web cam or see Jane Eyre.

I need a job. I actually didn't like having a job but I kind of miss having one. Even though school is my job. I was busy in high school and I miss that business now that I have been out of it long enough to have rested.

Time to go study. Get out of the dorm room and the distraction known as my computer.

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