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One of those days where something was just different

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Mar. 1st, 2001 | 11:02 pm
mood: blankblank
music: Blessid Union of Souls - Light in Your Eyes

I made aspiring in my chemistry lab today. It made me feel cool. Ironically, in the form we made it, mine came out sort of as a bunch of tiny rod-like crystals that sort of had the consistency of cotton. Or at least it looked and felt very cotton-y. Except it was easier to separate it and make holes in it and so on.

But I had a very pure sample. Pure aspirin melts around 135 degrees celsius. If it's impure, it will start to decompose and look like it's melting at a lower temperature. Mine melted at 137. It made me feel special. It's not hard to do, either -- make aspirin, that is. It does, however, smell absolutely terrible, mostly because the biproduct of making aspirin is REALLY strong vinegar. Which doesn't smell good when it's weak... and smells REALLY BAD when it's strong.

But that's okay. Because I can tell people that I know how to make aspirin and that just makes me feel good.

I hope Sruthi and I get to do the photography lab. Mostly because I want an excuse to go take black and white pictures. But also because it looks really interesting.

I think there's something about black and white photography that is very elegant. Especially in New York. It portrays the drama of the city or something like that. I don't know... It's like, New York, in Black and White, feels whole, feels complete, feels "right" somehow. Color film just doesn't suit it properly. Except for a few scenic views like the statue of liberty (if you get one of those really cold clear days where the sky is a brilliant hue) and Times Square... where black and white just doesn't show the high wattage and brilliant lights as well as color does. It's a mixed bag, I guess.

I want to tell someone many things. And I chicken out. I feel pathetic for liking him because there is so much no chance of anything ever happening. I mean yes, EVER is a long time, but I just have this feeling. But we may become friends, which will be nice because he is a very interesting and very very nice person. But that will be all -- just the sense that I am getting.

I meant to go to the post office today and I forgot. Shame on me.

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