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is someone trying to tell me something?

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Feb. 28th, 2001 | 07:15 pm
mood: awake
music: USA For Africa - We Are the World

Lately I've had an enormous number of emails for online singles data match services. It makes me feel really pathetic. Because yes, I am single, and no, I don't really have any prospects... but I don't need notes from online services telling me that I am so pathetic that I should turn to them to meet someone.

And I have to edit the statement about no prospects. Because I am sort of interested in one person... it's just that I don't think there is any chance that anything will happen. I suppose I could be brave and say something about it, but I won't, of course because that's my way. I will just let things meander along and whatever will happen will happen. Or something.

I am ridiculous sometimes.

I have a mentor now. In the Neural Science department. This is good. And he is cool. He told me that I should just not bother with the whole study abroad requirement because the science departments are making a huge fuss about it and trying to get it changed. He also suggested I declare a bio major, instead of a drama lit major right now since the college is making me declare one since the bio and neural science tracks are about the same for the first two years. All in all, it was much more helpful than my meetings with any of my other advisors.

Blah. I will not worry about that yet.

I do, however, need to start working on getting an internship over the summer. This will be hard since I am a freshman and people do not usually want freshmen because they have not had enough lab experience. Which is reasonable, I suppose. But it is annoying. I am, however, beginning to develop a network of people I can talk to who will hopefully be able to help me. And none of them are in the advising office. But that's okay. It is good to have many faculty to talk to about things. Which reminds me. I really should make an appointment with Nikki just to discuss things again.

I must find a summer job.

Oh, and Netscape finally figured out that the two phantom unread messages had indeed been read. It is sad that this makes me as happy as it does.

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